Workshop with Kai Schoppe / hello!earth, July 24th – 28th 2017

In collaboration with BIRCA (Bækkelund International Residency Center for Artist), Hello!earth and Kai Schoppe invites you to a 5-day workshop combining dreaming practice with bodily practice / Qui Gong.

For us the workshop is a study in relation to our upcomming work “The night -visioning a post capitalist society while we sleep” but the workshop is open to anyone interested in the subject of lucid dreaming.

We met Kai very shortly last year for an overnight sharing at Forsøgsstationen in Copenhagen, and got very touched by his humble personality and even more curious as he said:

-“I am looking forward to dream on post-capitalism together with you tonight”.

- “Well, to really dream - let’s see if this happens…”

- “Oh, but that would be very easy to do - finally an interesting purpose for dream practice”.

With dreams on this subject or anything else: we look forward to work with Kai, and there is space for more dreamers onboard! Come come!


Workshop description and content:

Lucid dreaming - Lucid living - Dream Yoga practises for becoming aware and awake

This workshop is designed to train and use our awareness in different mental states. One of the main goals of the dream yoga is to combine the dreaming/sleeping state with the waking state, so that there is no gab between the two.

The workshop consists of three different parts:

1. Exercises during the day

They consists of dream Qi Gong, Meditation and some talk about the subject of dreaming.

A special focus will be on the matter of lucid dreaming. In a lucid dream one is aware of the dream while it takes place. That gives plenty of room for wish-fulfilling, developing and nourishing creativity, as well as supporting personal transformation.


2. Exercises before falling asleep

We will explore this meditative state and will train our intention to accomplish dream tasks (for instance mutual dreaming).


3. Exercises during sleep/dreaming

We will explore the world of lucid and normal dreaming. All of the three practises are interconnected. There will also be time to discuss the subject of dreaming and to share one’s individual dream with the group.

About the teacher Kai Schoppe

Dream Yogi since 1998. Qi Gong, Tai Chi Chuan and Meditation teacher with a school in Wiesbaden, Germany. Married, three children, living in a natural environment. 

"My goal is to make the dream and sleep yoga practises available and usable for everyone. My teaching is deeply influenced by a taoist world view. That is why I call it Tao of the night. The inner states of sleeping and dreaming are wonderful ways to explore our inner worlds and get reconnected with an embedded wisdom within us." – Kai Schoppe


From Monday, July 24th at 10 am to Friday, July 28th 5 pm.


Included in the price is lodging in double rooms with space for 2-3 persons, and use of bedlinen and 1 towel per person.

Free use of the basement kitchen facilities in the main building and the bikes available at BIRCA.

There are shopping options in reasonable biking distance from BIRCA.


The workshop will be held at the BIRCA (Bækkelund International Residency Center for Artist) on the Northern part of the beautiful nature island of Bornholm.

If you are interested in this workshop please send an email directly to Susanne Danig at