hello!earth warmly invites you for an overnight experience where we would love to share some of our  findings in working on our upcoming participatory event “The Night-visioning a post capitalist society while we sleep”.  A research on how dream states and liminal states of mind can be included in participatory performance making.


We’ve been asking ourselves how to inhabit this mysterious space of the night? And if dreaming and sleeping in the same space could affect and enrich our sense of collective, and relations to each other? Could the night even be a space for shared visioning?


By now we’ve had several research periods on the themes of sleep, dreams, collectives and visions, including a residency at Vestjyllands Højskole, Teaching at TEAK/Helsinki Arts Academy and studying contemporary and shamanistic rituals deep in the Finnish woods with Eero Tapio Vouri.

Our future quests will be a residency at Graner in Barcelona, studying alternative collectives and economies and their effect on a bodily level and a visit to Costa Rica meeting local indigenous communities and working with shamans.


At this point of our journey we invite you for an overnight stay at Forsøgsstationen in Copenhagen. We will design an overnight experience based on our findings and invite you to dive into a space, where we explore these questions together, in a spirit of continued research.


In the morning we invite for a sharing on the night experience, together with a few invited guests with specific backgrounds. Each contributing to the reflection from their specific angles.


Guests: Kai Schoppe, Qi Gong master working with dreaming practices based on taoist practice.

Lotte Farup, director and co-leader of forsøgstationen -and hopefully two persons more with background in economy and philosophy along with an antrophologist. Names are yet to be announced.


Open source:

Based on the idea that knowledge should be shared, we launch a “Night Community Blog”. An online resource that shares the process of developing “The night-visioning a post-capitalist society while we sleep”. Everyone who has been in touch with the project, either as co-creator or test-participant is welcome to join and use the resources shared there on open source principles.


20 h: Arrive and get settled.

21 h: Start of the night with a light dinner

23 h: The Night experience with preparations for falling asleep & waking up.
          During the night you will be able to sleep or choose optional activities.

08 h: Waking up

09 h: Light breakfast

10 h: Sharing of experience, facilitated by Inge Agnete Tarpgaard

12h: Lunch

13-14 h: Launching of the open source resource blog.

Number of overnight guests: 20

Contribution for food: 150 DKR

To participate mail to:

Bring: sleeping bag or blanket/pillow/sheet, toothbrush, teddybear or other night essentials.

Mattresses and aikido mats to sleep on are available.

Looking much forward to see you at:

Forsøgsstationen / Sønder Blvd. 81 / 1720 Copenhagen V


Sweet dreams



Thank you for supporting the research towards the night to : The Danish Arts Council, Vestjyllands Højskole, The Arts Academy Helsinki , Graner Barcelona, Sismograf Festival.