This activity is part of our research journey for “The Night -envisioning a post- capitalist society while we sleep” -a 12 hour participatory performance where we invite for an overnight stay. 


It's a research looking in to sleeping, dreaming and visioning in collective situations, and liminal states of mind in participatory performance making. "The Night" is developed in a series of residencies, workshops and meetings throughout 2015 and 2016 at different places and with different collaborators. The final work will premiere in 2017/18.

This April we're happy to be hosted by Forsøgstationen, Copenhagen.




Sønder Boulevard 81 / 1720 Copenhagen V / Denmark

Contribution:  250 DKR 

Subscription: Please e-mail us 5 lines why you are curious to join. Latest on march 28 to


April 12/13 and 13/14 / 7h evening to 8h morning.

You can participate either the 2 nights, or only the first one.

There is space for 15 participants.


Robert says about the workshop: 

This workshop is a body mind investigation into the altered state of chilling out, dozing, falling asleep, sleeping, dreaming (with open and closed eyes) and of coursing getting awake again. Most of these actions seem so simple, but are often out of our control; we must learn to surrender to them. And even more, we can start to explore them as potentials for change, renewal, and restart. Individually and as a group.

This workshop about spending two nights together can be best described as a social gathering, in which we start to perceive reality differently than in daytime. Welcoming the night, we will co-create a comfort-zone where we can let go of stress, sink into moments of infinite rest, and we will have the opportunity to dream and reflect. There will be some exercises,  hopefully a lot of things will happen by itself, but the aim is to become aware of the poetry of the night, the protective quality of a shared darkness, and the transformative power of taking the time to let the soul wander into then night – in case we agree that the soul exist. It will be a discovery of the magic of the night.

I see the night mainly as an ideal environment to practice perceiving reality in a tender way. Since a few years my quest is how to reflect my personal life and the society i live in with gentleness, without over dramatizing current political and personal conflicts as unsolvable problems. Redrawing myself into the night can be a big help.

This workshop of two nights ( 12th and 13th of april)- which also can be attended only one night ( the 12th) is a lose structure of proposed activities,  around the act of sleeping. The workshop is partly an individual journey, partly a shared experience going into the night. Take notebook, sleeping bag, and pillow with you. Sleeping gown, pyjama and snuggies ( stuffed animals) are optional. Bring ear plugs when you are afraid, you can not bear the sound of snoring. And in case you play an acoustic instrument, please bring it with you, because we could be suddenly in need of making lullabies.

The both nights, starts with a light supper together at 19h, and finishes with a breakfast, probably between 7 and 9 o clock.


Robert Steijn (Born in 1958/ Netherlands) will moderate this workshop. He is a performer, who likes to choreograph events.

In the last years he concentrated himself on performative acts around trees, like following the four seasons in city parks in Vienna

( 2012) and making a project about fauns and sexuality in a forest ( Steirische Herbst 2013), since two years he works on the format of the duet as an investigating in co-existing with the other, with difference. Last November “prelude on love” premiered in Sao Palo, in collaboration with the Mexican choreographer Ricardo Rubio, next year a duet with the choreographer Angela Schubot will premiere in Berlin. Both duets are based on the healing qualities of love and paying respect, and are influenced by tantric practices, shamanic strategies, meditation and healing touch sessions. Both of the duets are highly ritualized as a staged event, but also spread their knowledge and experience in one to one sessions with audience members. Robert is a deer and a snake dancer.


















In Copenhagen

September 15 to 17 we will continue with a workshop and seminar about liminal states of mind in participatory performance making. We will share our process and practice on sleeping and dreaming in collective situations so far.

Furthermore we have invited some wise people for talks on neurological research on collective situations, taoist practice on sleep and dream, amongst other.

Full programme will be announced soon!

In Helsinki

April 25 to May 8,  workshop in collaboration with Eero Tapio Vuori at TEAK Arts Academy. 

In Barcelona

October 24 November 13 , residency and open workshop at Graner, Barcelona.




"The Night" is funded by the Danish Arts Council for Performing Arts, and with support from Vestjyllands Højskole, Arts Academy/ Helsinki, Graner/ Barcelona, Festival Sismograf/ Olot, Forsøgstationen Copenhagen and others to be anounced.



Robert Steijn