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hello!earth creates participatory cross-disciplinary art works with relational approach, where the presence of the audience is the co-creating and central element. The base of the work is an inquiry into consciousness and an exploration of the myth of reality. An attempt to unfold the potential of possible relations between people and place and make interconnectedness and diversity tangible. The works are always spaces for an audience to experience, sense, do and meet.

hello!earth insists on that art is a place for big and fragile visions. A laboratory space where new thoughts and ideas can become reality, and where we together create the world, instead of consuming it. 

Things that mattered the past many years, are being part of and contributing to a needed transition, in response to the pressing ecological and political situation of our times.  And to inspire change towards regenerative practices and visions. 


hello!earth activities attempt to open situations in which the constant becoming can emerge as a felt reality, and where we dare to inhabit the question. Where our actions, no matter how small or personal, resonate from the immediate bodily space and transcend into the larger contexts of politics and global issues. A resonance that from our intimate sphere is able to spread to the larger context and hopefully touch deeper insights as notions for action, and makes us able to move from our hearts.

Our works takes shape as participatory walks and journeys in urban space and nature, site-specific installations & interventions, participatory works for larger groups, “do it yourself” works which unfold on your mobile phone as well as workshop-projects addressing community. 

Often the works happen outdoors and are location & context based and developed in collaboration with very different partners, reaching from professional artists to biologist, journalists, philosophers, social scientists and people from the neighbourhood. In the process of creating, we attempt to dive under the surface of the surroundings we are working in, mapping the social, cultural and political realities of a place or situation.  

After having extensively explored the condition of singular experience in 1:1 works and works for small groups, we lately work with the idea of “social sensitive spaces”. Works that are addressing the qualities and potentials of collectives and collective action.

Since hello!earth was formed in 2007 we have done 15 works in 10 different countries and co-operated with leading art, theatre and dance institutions worldwide. To name a few, works were presented and produced at Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona, Panoramafestival in Rio de Janeiro, SESC in Sao Paulo , Palestinian National Theatre in Jerusalem,  and at Copenhagen international Theatre’s Metropolis Biennale. 


hello!earth is supported by the Danish Arts Council.


For hello!earth the making of artistic work, research, development, community engagement and teaching professionals become integrated parts of each other. We aspire for an ongoing interaction and dialogue with artistic collaborators, students, and neighborhoods, people from other professional fields. The constant exchange with all feed into each other and into the new artistic works that are developed.


  • Developing and presenting new artistic work

  • Teaching and sharing

  • Exploration and research

  • Community and discourse

  • Teaching non- professionals and community work

  • Touring of artistic works


Anchor Artists




Vera's background is dance and theatre (School for New Dance Development Amsterdam 1993-95 and the Theatre Academy Berlin UDK, graduated 1998).
Since she works as a performer, director/choreographer and concept maker and has constantly been testing the limits of the performative. The last couple of years, she worked intensly with audience sensitive, participatory performances in urban space and natural environments,  and her background includes to work with social art projects, instantly composed movement performances, and directing theatre work for the stage. Many of them are developed in a devising process with people from various artistic disciplines.

She was the driving force in developing hello!earth working approach for participatory performances, which became the base for hello!earths works.
Vera has been teaching performance, movement and theater in various contexts and countries such as the Royal Arts Academy Copenhagen, DK or Srishti School of Art and Desgin, Bangalore India  and did projects in the field of intercultural understanding through the arts amongst other in Palestine (UNESCO project in Bethlehem), Nepal/Kathmandu (Images of Asia 2003) and the Philippines/Manila (Danida Scholarship). Furthermore Vera performed in projects/theatres such as Volksbuehne Berlin,  Lone Star Productions/ Copenhagen.




Jacob Langaa-Sennek`s work covers a wide range of work. From visual design (set design, light design, installations, graphic design) to concept development, directing and music composing.
His visual design and concepts are characterized by a complex simplicity. Their spacious and clear sensuality stimulate the experiencer on an intuitive level and provoke a spontaneous interaction on a sensual and intellectual level. The objects and environments become alive in dialogue with the experiencer. It is the experiencer that finalizes his work, be it on a street corner or a set design on stage- they become the co-creator of the work and are invited to a resonance space of their own experience.
Jacob Langaa- Senneks work ranges from free projects in cellars and on street corners to the Royal Opera. Jacob is also involved in the field of music as a singer, songwriter and composer. He worked as composer and musician in theater  and dance performances.
Jacob Langaa-Sennek is co-artistic director of hello!earth, UDflugt network and Udspring –children’s theatre projects.




Ana comes from a visual arts background working with images, foto and video and her works are developing in the experimental field of art. The aim is to create situations where the art piece is not the final result but the pathway the audience takes for changing from being an observer to become the participant. Through images a process is initiated pointing at a way to make people participate, shift points of view and, finally, meet the other.

Ana has been working in Brazil and abroad, exhibiting photography works, installations and interventions with local people at Brazil, Portugal, Bangalore (India).
She recieved several working grants, among others  the DIVA artist residency in 2010 (Denmark) and the International Relation's grant from Brazilian's Art Council.  In 2011 she was awarded the Art Contemporary Prize from Brazilian Art's Council in photography.
Ana is Brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro (1974) and her homebase now is in São Paulo.

Anchor All works listed


In Copenhagen, DK / “You May Rest” / KIT/ Metropolis

In Copenhagen, DK / Workshop “You May Rest” / KIT/ Performing Landscapes Non-Stop


 In Copenhagen, DK / Workshop “The sensing body as the activist” / KIT/ Performing Landscapes Laboratory    

In Copenhagen, DK / “INTO THE VOID” / uKirke, Vesterbro, København

In Småland, SE / “INTO THE VOID” / Mundekulla Retreat Center / Imbodymentfestival


In Kristiansand, NO/ “IN THE TREES” / Ravnedans Festival

In Cape Town,  South Africa, “THE OVERNIGHT MANUAL- 1st edition” / ICA life art festival. With offsprings in Palestine, India, Bolivia and DK

In Edinbourg, Scotland / “TUESDAY NIGHT SLEEPING CLUB”  / Edinbourg Fringe Festival


In Copenhagen, DK / “Tuesday Night Sleeping Club” / KIT Metropilis/CPH Stage

On Møn, DK / “A night in the trees” / Liselund laboratorium / KIT Metropilis


In Växjö, Sweden / “Laboratories on somatic approaches to design and activism” Linneaus University Sweden


In Copenhagen, DK / "In it together -The complex equation of empathy" / Close Encounters, Den Frie, Dansehallerne


In Copenhagen, DK / "The Night -visionong a post-capitalist society while we sleep" / Metropolis and CPH:STAGE

In Pamplona, Spain / "The Night -visionong a post-capitalist society while we sleep" / DNA Festival 


In Skjød, DK / "Dans din nabo" (“Dance your neighbor”) / Co produced by Bora Bora and Dansehallerne / Aarhus 2017


In copenhagen / “Life in the Universe -a gathering for animals, people and minerals” / CPH:STAGE festival

In Olot, Catalunya, Spain / “Life in the Universe -a gathering for animals, people and minerals” / Sismograph Festival

In copenhagen / "Sanseudflugter" Rødkilde Skole


In Copenhagen, Denmark / “Life in the Universe -a gathering for animals, people and minerals” / Dansehallerne/ Det Frie Felts Festival/ CPH STAGE 

In Denmark/ "Sanseudflugter"/ projekt for and with kids at different schools 


In Ljubljana, Slovenia / “Re-street” / Bunker, Mladi Levi Festival

In Moss, Norway / “The Local Ministry of Happiness” / Barnasfreds Verden. International Seminar

In Copenhagen, Humlebæk / “Life in the Universe” / hello!earth production
In Eigilsstadir, Iceland / “100 souls soup” (work in progress) / KEDJA, dance in wilderness


In Torres Vedras, Portugal / “Re-everything” / Transforma artspace
In Lisbon, Portugal / “The local ministry of happiness”/ Architectural Triennale, Close closer/ exhibition “Embassy of nomans land”
In Kangasniemi, Finland / Research for "Life in the Universe" / KEDJA, dance in wilderness.


In Zurich, Switzerland / "Instant adventures in daily life" / reART:theURBAN, Teaterhaus Gessneralle.
In Copenhagen, Denmark / "Sanseudflugter" / Samværk Festival, Copenhagen kids
In Bangaore, India / "We are here" /German Indo Year Goethe Institute / JAAGA artspace
In Copenhagen / "re-mix of works" / Denmark / IETM


In Barcelona, Spain / "Dance! you cant stop the revolution" / Mercat de les Flors
In Budapest, Hungary / "Tomorrow everything will be different..." / PLACCC festival 
In Copenhagen, Denmark / "1&1=1" / DCCD -My World Images
In Torino, Italy / "Tomorrow everything will be different..." / Festival Teatro a Corte


In Copenhagen, Denmark / "Tomorrow everything will be different..." / KIT Metropolis Biennale
In Jerusalems old city / "Walking poem Jerusalem" / Palestinian National Theater


In Recife, Brazil / "Walking poem Recife" / Festival Internacional de Dansa
In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / "Walking poem Rio" / Panoramafestival
In Sao Paulo, Brazil / "Walking poem Sao Paulo" / SESC Mostra Des Artes
Research in Copenhagen / Further development of work focusing on social sensitive spaces and virtual and physical presence


in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / "The Invisible Reality Show" / Panoramafestival
In Copenhagen, Denmark / "The Invisible Reality Show" / KIT Metropolis Biennale
In Amman, Jordan / workshop


In Copenhagen, Denmark / "The Invisible Reality Show #4" / Festival Junge Hunde (produced as UDflugt network)


In Aarhus, Denmark / "The Invisible Reality Show #3" / Festival Junge Hunde (produced as UDflugt network)
In Tromsø, Norway / "The Invisible Reality Show #2" / SE!NEXT Festival (produced as UDflugt network) 

On Terschelling / The Netherlands / "The Invisible Reality Show #1" / OEROL Festival for site specific theater (created as UDflugt network)

In Copenhagen, Denmark / "I am listening" / City of words /Copenhagen /Denmark (created as UDflugt network)


Anchor Organisation

hello!earth is a registered non-profit arts association with base in Copenhagen, Denmark.

CVR: 31432960

hello!earth's board:

Katrien Verwilt. Artistic directior and daily manager at Copenhagen International Theatre

Henrik Beha Pedersen. Founder and board member of Plastic Change, Lecturer, Mentor, Advisor.

Anna Watchmeister. Architekt.



hello!earth is supported by: 

The Danish Arts Council for Performing Arts International Programmes / Copenhagen City Council for the Performing Arts / Statens Kunstfond / Danish Center for Culture and Development.

Institutions and Festivals involved in commissioning an co-producing work: Copenhagen International Theater/Metropolis / Panoramafestival, Rio de Janeiro / PLACCC Festival, Budapest / Teatro a Corte, Torino / SESC, San Paulo / Recife Festival International de Dansa, Recife / Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona / Goethe Institute, Bangalore / kedja nordic dance network “wilderness residencies” / Transforma art space, Portugal / Bunker, Mladi Levi Festival, Slovenia / Sismograf Festival, Olot, Spain / Graner, Barcelona / Dansehallerne, Copenhagen / BoraBora, Aarhus / AARHUS 2017, European Cultural Capital

Open source anker


Based on the idea that knowledge should be shared all works by hello!earth is registered under the lisence of Creative Commons, Lisence 4.0 International.

Artists and collaborators who have been contributing to the creation and developing process of a hello!earth work are free to re-use the material according to the Creative Commons license.

Collaborators: You are free to re-use any material produced in a hello!earth context that you have been part of yourself.

When you do, you are obligated to refer to the source of the material. 

Non-collaborators: If you want to use any hello!earth material, please ask us before use. We will most likely be happy about it thou!


Please contact us for h!e logo material and guidelines

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