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An extraordinary social experience, reclaiming the night as a collective magic and transformative space, dedicated to re-doing society and to explore the power of collective sleeping and dreaming.

A  D.I.T (do-it-together) version of "The Night -visioning a post capitalist society while we sleep"

Equipped with sleeping bags and toothbrushes a group of 10-30 people enter the overnight space, finding only a cargo box in the center of the room. Opening the box together, it reveals instructions, objects, sound-files and props. Everything needed to immerse collectively in a journey of visioning futures for the next 12 hours.


The execution of the performance is taking place collectively amongst the people present, immersing themselves in the series of actions, witnessing the arising situations, transformed spaces, conversations, movement rituals, temperature and moods, while holding the power to create and inhabit them by own choice.

The absence of the performer becomes an act of triggering a social situation of shared ability and responsibility, an assembly orchestrated and performed by the audience.

A designed situation, aiming at instigating a co-creation and investigation in the absence of performers and enhancing the presence, empowerment and ownership of the performance by the audience/ participants engaging in it.

THE NIGHT IN A BOX can ship to anywhere in the world, needing only few local material and practical resources.

The work is a cargo version of the h!e work "The Night -visioning a post capitalist society while we sleep" created in 2018.

Read about the original work here.

You may rest-eyes for web2.jpg


An immersive pop-up installation manifesting a space
of collective potential in times of planetary exhaustion.

“YOU MAY REST” invites to inhabit gaps of what is and what could become. The inhabiting of the space initiates a gentle intervention into daily life and the extractivist systems we live by and with. Nurturing our collective potential and imagenings towards establishing ourselves in new paradigms and moving towards futures we want to inhabit.

stop- pause- rest

What is at stake when the idea of productivity as the primary form of progress turns obsolete and a space of condensed collective presence manifests? You are met by an invitation to stop, pause and rest. Stimulated by scores/ “resting prompts” you may explore different facets of resting.  F.eks. Resting as an active action to connect to all living! Resting that  embraces an overheated system and becomes a cooling action! 

Resting gloriously! An invitation to let the resting body and mind be a political manifestation of bravery.


Background for “The Night Time quest!

hello!earth’s practice, work and quest (2018-2023) 

How can our embodied inhabiting of questions become a transformative resource and the sensing body a form of activist? -and what would big politics look like if it was informed by the sensing body?

These questions (among other) kept us busy the past years, and manifested as cross disciplinary, immersive and participatory art works, premiered between 2018 and 2022. Works that reclaims the night as a magic and transformative space and sleeping and dreaming as spaces of interconnectedness and invisible political presence, collective creation, a sensitive meeting spaces and time for the basic right to rest for all of us.  

The works pose the question: What if organic time is resilience and the act of surrendering -an act of resistance?

With the upcoming production in 2023 “Into the void”-a daytime ritual, the research on sleeping and dreaming of the past years manifests as a condensed daytime intervention, and marks the closure of this circle of works.


-on how to make big changes while sleeping.

“We are always educated by the past. We newer practice the future. The future is not something given, but it depends on our seeds. When cultures and civilisations do dream and desire new futures, envisioning new possibilities, they can build and turn in to reality those possibilities. When this doesn't happen, a culture is in decline.”

Lala Deheinzelin, futurist. São Paulo.

"The D.I.T. Overnight Manual - on how to make big changes while sleeping" is a co-created do-it-together manual to inspire overnight activities and sleepovers that can envision the futures we want to inhabit. 


The manual facilitates a community activity that reclaims the night as a collective magic space. It enables a community to explore the potential of collective sleeping and dreaming as part of a transformative practice, and a process of collective emergence.

The manual is intended to be useful for school-teachers, artist groups, activists, in workplaces or to a group of friends. In essence, to everyone who is dedicated to create futures we want to inhabit, in an increasingly volatile, unpredictable and complex world. 


The process towards making of the manual 

Due to COVID, we re-designed the making from in person laboratories in different countries  into a long-distance process., which will take place remotely. This will take place in different places and contexts simultaneously in October / November 2021.

Intending to give space to diverse voices and co-create the overnight manual by bringing together artists of different backgrounds, activists,thinkers and anyone interested.  


March 2022
The festival at Institute for Creative Arts - ICA is the first in-person meeting towards assembling the manual. Each artist contributes with an overnight-score, relating to themes such as #postcapitalism#assembly#dreamingpractices,  

For more information, visit:

Boaz Barkan-Denmark
Fernando Garcia Barros -Bolivia 
Pia Bunglowala - India
Raya Zaida - Palestine
Shabari Rao - India
Vera Maeder- Denmark
Jacob Langaa-Sennek - Denmark
Juliana Restrepo - Colombia/Sweden


mARTadero, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Supported by the Danish Arts Council for Performing Arts Statens Kunstfond 



THE monthly


SLEEPING practice




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