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PLACC Festival /Budapest /Hungary


A playful study of the city and unusual encounters with other travellers.   Tomorrow Everything Will Be Different  takes you on a do-it-yourself adventure zigzaging across a diverse district of Budapest. On distance and intimacy in mediated communication. On the re-contextualizing of place, and on an unexpected meeting with yourself in your city.

Dates: 27 September - 2 October 2010

The performances were produced by hello!earth for Metropolis Biennale Copenhagen 2009 and performed in Version 1.0. In a 3 week-long working process with local artists, the performance was transformed and adapted to Budapest.


Collaborating artists:
BOROSS Martin (Artus), ERDŐS Zoltán, FARKAS Kata (Radikális Szabadidő Színház), FEKETE Réka (Artus), GÁSPÁR Szabolcs, Justin HYATT, KÖRMENDY Pál (Artus), Jacob LANGAA-SENNEK, Vera MAEDER, POLONYI Réka (Radikális Szabadidő Színház), SCHNÁBEL Zita (Artus), TÖMÖR Miklós, furthermore SZOLGA Zsófia and TAKÁCS Péter. 

SMS system: Jonas SMEDEGAARD alias Dr. Jones.
Concept: Vera MAEDER and Jacob LANGAA-SENNEK
Production assistant: VIDOVSZKY Emma


The Budapest residency and performances are part of Rendez-vous project, a pilot project for artist mobility, has been funded with support from the European Commission (DGEAC).

Co-creating artists Copenhagen Version 1.0 in 2009: Boaz Barkan, Andre Bern, Candice Didonet, Kristofer Krarup, Jacob, Jacob Langaa Sennek Vera Maeder, Seimi Nørregaard. 

Copenhagen Version 1.0 supported by: Danish Arts Council Committee for the Performing Arts, Copenhagen City Council and Copenhagen International Theater

Tomorrow everyhing will be different... -the Budapest edition


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