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SESC /Mostra SESC Des Artes /Sao Paulo /Brazil

Performed November 13 to 15, 2008


A  participatory walk 1:1 in the area of Santo Amaro.

A workers area. Many people are out of work. It s far off for most people. People from other areas in San Paulo do not want to go there and wrinkle there forhead: you do this project in Santo Amaro?.People who live there, like living there, and are proud to be part of Santo Amaro district.We chose a street with a government building, where you issue passports and visas. An enormous amount of fotoshops all along the street. The sound of sellers “ foto” foto” is ringing in your ears.There are also illegal sellers. They are running when police arrives. A market with all kind of food and lots of meat. A park, where you might find people preaching the bible, old man sleeping and roma woman reading your hand. And in all that, we discovered a kindergarden, with a yard, where all sounds of the city stop…


Audience feedback:” I live in this area since my childhood, i know it well, i thought... Have I ever been here before? I do not know now.”” A walk between worlds."


Direction: Vera Maeder and Jacob Langaa-Sennek

Direction Assistants: Ana Paula Albe and Joao Victor Calvacante

Collaborating Artists: Laura Marc, Osvaldo Piva, Candice Didonet, Jefferson Ribeiro da Silva, Carlos Freitas, Miriam Andrade, Simone Araujo Martins, Nadya Moretto and Panais Bouki

Supported by SESC, Panoramafestival and Festival de Dansa Recife and Danish Arts Council for Performing Arts

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