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Metropolis Biennale /Copenhagen /Denmark 

(created as UDflugt network)

Dates: August 6-10, 2007


'The Invisible Reality Show #5 - zap yourself' was done in the very diverse neighborhood of Copenhagen - Vesterbro, where contrasts of new expensive sushi bars, prostitution, drug addicts, a new shopping mall, run down houses and initiatives by engaged citizens, are situated side by side on an area very small in size. We chose to even intensify this mix of people and context by the choice of route and material. The outcome was a 2 hour tour, where you would zap yourself one by one through Vesterbro, creating the frame for an intense meeting with each persons own resonance to this diverse area.


Press:'As wandering 'public' I get extremely aware of all the people around me, which are potential actors... The city turns indeed into a living, unpredictable theater, where one becomes aware of one’s own active role in the now'. Theresa Bener, Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagblad, August 2007


'...The concept should be of interest for any city planner and urban social worker. Because in a very specific way, there is created a meeting between the cities inhabitants which otherwise happen in best case in our fantasy...'  Malene Fosare, Swedish Newspaper Kvallposten, August 2007


'...Never in any guided walk, the meeting and getting in touch with the real has been so precise, as in this performance, which makes one stop being an onlooker and return to oneself in the concrete environment (of the city).'  Florian Gaber, theater critic for site specific work based in France, '


...the super competent sprouts within performance art...'  Monna Dithmer, Politiken, August 2007


Co-creating artists/performers: Kristofer Krarup, Hanne Pedersen, Jakob Brandt Pedersen, Jacob Langaa-Sennek, Merete Byrial, Vera Maeder

Performers: Mireia Sierra, Thomas Wiesner, Nanna Hviid, Cindy Rudel, Niels Vamberg

Supported by Augustinus Fonden and Metropolis Biennale Copenhagen.



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