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Metropolis Biennale /Copenhagen /Denmark

Performances 25.08.2009- 29.08.2009,

Duration 1 hour


A performative travel combined with a Do-it-yourself performance provided by SMS.On intimacy and distance in virtual or physical spaces and on meeting one another.The audience is invited to embark on a playful study of the city and unusual encounters with other travellers, with a user manual at hand. An invitation for a gentle demolition of ones thought system. Each performance creates a unique fiction based on the individual audience member’s experience, senses and relation to a diverse surrounding and each other.


Co-creating artists:Boaz Barkan, Andre Bern, Candice Didonet, Kristofer Krarup, Jacob, Jacob Langaa Sennek Vera Maeder, Seimi Nørregaard

Additional performers: Inge Agnete Tarpgaard, Jens Backvall, Mette Guldborg Hansen

SMS system: Janos Smedegaard alias Dr. Jones

Production: Carina Britt Schiessl

Assistance: Inge Tarpgaard

Overall concept: hello!earth, Vera Maeder and Jacob Langaa Sennek

Produced by hello!earth for Metropolis Biennale Copenhagen 2009.

Supported by Danish Arts Council Committee for  the Performing Arts, Copenhagen City Council and Copenhagen International Theater


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