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SEE!NEXT festival /Tromsø /Norway 

(created as UDflugt network) 

August 2005 


Altitude... above sea level. This performative travel was done in the spectacular nature of northern Norway, on a mountain overlooking the island and town of Tromsoe. 

At the entrance to the performance the audience met a woman sitting on the rooftop of a little old wooden house. ' you think this mountain could move?' she asked, and from there the audience was sent to travel, one by one, up the mountainside.Nature was creating this performance, and wild reindeers, blueberries and a crystal clear and cold lake were the stars of this adventure. We had the privilege to invite some of the permanent residents of Tromsoe to discover their well known backyard in a new way - the mountain ...moved?


Artistic development/performers: Jacob Langaa-Sennek, Hanne Pedersen, Vera Maeder, Mette Åkjær, and guests from Tromsø



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