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-a gathering for animals, people and minerals

hello!earth invites you to a social event, a guided tour, a sensory nature experience, an audio walk, a joined laboratory, a gathering, an excursion, a party.

With new biological knowledge about the intelligent systems of nature as a starting point “LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE“ deals with shifting paradigms of our relations to natural environments and possible roles for humans. It challenges our ideas of “nature” and “civilization”, and invites you to a sensory and poetic exploration of our possibilities to organize ourselves as a collective and as a society. In nature, with nature, as nature.


The team:

Overall artistic concept: Vera Maeder and Jacob Langaa-Sennek

Co-creating artists and performers: Daniel Norback, Vera Maeder and Jacob Langaa-Sennek 

Composer and sound: Pelle Skovmand 

Biologist, activist and dramaturgical consultant: Ariana Jordao 

co-creating artists (wilderness residency): Gustavo Ciríaco and Riikka Theresa Innanen


LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE was hosted by Crossing Borders ngo at Krogerup Højskole ( produced with support from the Danish Arts Foundation for performing arts, Danish Arts Foundation international residency programme and the Nordic-Baltic dance network Kedja’s “Dance in Wilderness” residency programme 2013/2014.

“Dance in wilderness” is Supported by the Cultural programme of the European Union, Nordic Culture fund, Kultur Kontakt Nord and regional and national funders.

Special thanks to: Statsskovenes Planteavlsstation/ Skov- og Naturstyrelsen, and Skolen i Virkeligheden, Fredensborg / Humlebæk.

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