5 - 29 august 

“A night in the trees” is an extra-ordinary overnight

experience inviting you to spend the night softly hanging

in a hammock between the old large beech trees at Liselund garden.

A guided do-it-yourself/do-it-together experience inviting you to enter into another biological and geological time. 

When nighttime falls, you pick up your overnight kit at the entrance to the garden, and equipped with a comfortable hammock, a small number of items and a set of instructions to carry out your own night time ritual “A night in the trees” begin. You can venture out alone or together in a small group. The only things you have to bring is your sleeping bag and an open mind. 


The instructions will take you to a specific tree which will be your companion and source for an immersive journey on becoming part of natural systems. Reframing our humanness while relating to the more than human, the explorations lead you through the night, touching upon notions of collectivity, entanglement and spirit.


The special presence of the old beech trees at Liselund are brought to live and we enter into a felt and sensuous dialogue with their behavioural patterns of forming communities, ways of connecting with their surroundings, their communication systems and collective emergence.  

The night is approached as a ritualistic space for surrendering to the unknown. The immensity of the night and the action of sleeping and dreaming underline the intimacy and transformational potential of the journey. Making us receptive for visions for what is to come and we could create- to be taken with us into the day, and shared with others.

The Team: 

Jacob Langaa Sennek and Vera Maeder

Developed in collaboration with biologist Fin Jordao, Center for Alternative Technology Wales and Eero-Tapio Vuori, Reality Research Center (Helsinki, Finland)

Produced by hello!earth and Copenhagen International Theatre



Tuesday night sleeping club is a night time sleep and action radio that connects the sleeping city. Making each one of us aware that we’re already connected as a giant sleeping collective!


It invites us to explore our sleeping and dreaming as a space of interconnectedness and intuitive time and invisible political presence. An invitation to connect to the night and sleep as a space of collective creation, sensitive meeting space and time for the basic right to rest for all of us.

To participate you tune into the live streamed radio channel on Tuesdays at 21h -and off you go.


Carried by the tenderness of the night we may embark on discoveries beyond logics of functionality: What if organic time is resilience, surrender an act of resistance? 

You may choose to experience the night time sleep and action radio from home, or venture out into the sleeping city, where alternative forms of assembling are emerging as lively organisms. 

Every Tuesday from May 18 to June 22.  
Time :  21h til 9h next morning.

Listen to Tuesday Night Sleeping Club at

or download the app in App Store or Google Play


Co-produced with Copenhagen International Theater/  Metropolis.
More info soon on this website and
Co-creating artists :

Emil Sebastian Bøll, Daniel Norback, Boaz Barkan, Jacob Langaa Sennek, Vera Maeder

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