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*Exercises for revolutionaries is a series of hello!earth works, collectively exploring the sensing body as an activist. IN IT TOGETHER is an investigation into the complex equation of distance and empathy, and the influence between the two.  

The events are simultaneously broadcasted live via a local radio station, giving everyone within a radius of 8 km. the opportunity to listen in -and to join the experience from their own livingroom.

“TUESDAY NIGHT SLEEPING CLUB” is the new titel of the reworked version of "The Night"

The event offers an extraordinary experience, reclaiming the night as a collective magic and transformative space, dedicated to re-doing society and to explore the power of collective sleeping and dreaming.

An overnight experience for 30 people.


“Dance your neighbour” explores assembly, bodily emapthy, meeting and the collective fabric. It builds on activities with neighbourhoods and movement workshops. About 160 local people from different walks of life engage in workshops for co-writing choreography based on daily life experience and moments that matter to us.

The project opens in the small village of Skjød in Farverskov Kommune, just 40 km from Århus and is as part of Aarhus 2017 - European Capital of Culture

LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE -a gathering for animals people and minerals (E)

At Sismograph Festival/ Olot/ Catalunya/ Spain. May 2016

A social event, a sensory nature experience, an audio walk, a joined laboratory, an excursion. A party.

Equipped with radio and headphones the audience embarks on a journey into the natural environment. A sensory and poetic exploration of our possibilities to organise ourselves as a collective and as a society. In nature, with nature, as nature.

LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE -a gathering for animals people and minerals (DK)

hello!earth invites you to a social event, a guided tour, a sensory nature experience, an audio walk, a joined laboratory, a gathering, an excursion, a party.





RE-STREET  are a series of exact replicas of the street signs of a place, blurring the line of daily life reality and art. These new signs are designed  to accommodate poetic dialogues and reinforce the potential for social relation and interactions in the city. They give very real and clear invitations to overlap an emotional layer and function on the city map.


DANCE IN WILDERNESS /Kedja residency, Finland and Iceland.

August 2013 in Finland and February 2014 in Iceland. A laboratory project on participatory choreography.
We tune into the cultural heritage and questions definitions of artificial and natural, of culture and nature, of civilization and nature and our paradigms that go along with them.  What are our bodies revealing:  when are they part of and operating within nature, when distanced from it? The final performance will involve the audience as a “dancer”, work with evoking physical sensitivity and be stimulating the body of the participant to experience the surroundings from a kinesthetic and sensory point of view.


A participatory choreography of 2 to 4 hours duration. Guided by a booklet, a group of up to 100 people are invited into a space of sensitive meetings and discovery. Triggered by actions participants do together, sensory exploration, and invitations for conversations beyond the usual, a different social fabric emerges, relations are enhanced, and possibilities for collective action revisited, surfaced and released.

INSTANT ADVENTURES IN DAILY LIFE / reArt:theURBAN conference /Zurich /Switzerland

A series of do- it- yourself performances, provided by text-messages. 

Receive the initial instructions, and off you go. The only thing you need is your mobile phone.

SANSEUDFLUGTER / Samværk festival /Copenhagen /Denmark

Kids create art for kids in public space.

With simple means we created a sensorial journey on perspective, attempting to take you far away, right in your daily life surrounding. It was also a journey about meetings between kids that did not know each other, the adventure to meet a stranger.


WE ARE HERE / Bangalore /India

A series of laboratories on physical and virtual presence, community and city spaces.
”We are here" followed a process involving a series of laboratories and workshops for the community.


Writing the publication: “Tomorrow everything will be different. Notes on a experience based approach for performance making and the re-framing of consciousness as the art work”.

Shares background, thoughts and experiences while working.

DANCE! YOU CANT STOP THE REVOLUTION /Mercat de les Flors /Barcelona /Spain

-on being many, being one, being one and many.

An experience on groups, identity, collectives and individuals.
A  journey to do, sense and meet in the city space and indoors.  


The Budapest edition

A playful study of the city and unusual encounters with other travellers.   

An  adventure across the diverse districts of Budapest. 

On distance and intimacy in mediated communication. On the re-contextualizing of place, and on an unexpected meeting with yourself in the city.


The Torino edition

A playful study of the city and unusual encounters with other travellers.   

An adventure across the diverse districts of Budapest. 

On distance and intimacy in mediated communication. On the re-contextualizing of place, and on an unexpected meeting with yourself in the city.

1&1=1 / My World IMAGES /Copenhagen /Denmark

A work  for groups of 6 participants, developed  with a team of artists from Brazil, India, the Philippines and Denmark
“Walking together. Eating together. Resting together. Working together.

TOMORROW EVERYTHING WILL BE DIFFERENT... / Metropolis Biennale /Copenhagen /Denmark

A performative travel combined with a Do-it-yourself performance provided by SMS.
On intimacy and distance in virtual or physical spaces and on meeting one another.

The audience is invited to embark on a playful study of the city and unusual encounters with other travellers, with a user manual at hand. An invitation for a gentle demolition of ones thought system. Each performance creates a unique fiction based on the individual audience member’s experience, senses and relation to a diverse surrounding and each other.

HELLO JERUSALEM /Palestinian National Theatre/ Jerusalem

A walk on the inhabiting of place. On being part of. On being there.
The audience is guided one by one through the old city of Jerusalem. With stimulations from text, sound and meetings with performers, the walk offered a different entrance into this place with such complex conditions and a multitude of visible and invisible boundaries.

WALKING POEM RECIFE / 13. Festival Internacional de Dansa Recife /Recife /Brazil

A walk 1:1  in the center of Recife on the myth of a place.

The old town of Recife. It’s the symbol of the town; everyone has an image of it. Daily life thereis busy during the day. In the evening the place is inhabited by people with very few economic ressources. In forgotten colonial buildings and abandoned houses

WALKING POEM SAO PAULO / SESC /Mostra SESC Des Artes /Sao Paulo /Brazil

A  participatory walk 1:1 in the area of Santo Amaro.

A workers area. Many people are out of work. It s far off for most people. People from other areas in San Paulo do not want to go there and wrinkle there forhead: you do this project in Santo Amaro?.People who live there, like living there, and are proud to be part of Santo Amaro district.

WALKING POEM RIO / Panoramafestival /Rio de Janeiro /Brazil

REALITY GAPS / Labs / Metropolis Biennale /Copenhagen International Theatre /Copenhagen /DK

A series of laboratories to explore the untapped potential of the approach and  develop the practice further. The laboratories deal with audience relation, framing and contextualizing life in public space, the relation of virtual presence and physical presence and the development of  social sensitive spaces.

THE INVISIBLE REALITY SHOW #4 / Metropolis Biennale /Copenhagen /Denmark

'The Invisible Reality Show #5 - zap yourself' was done in the very diverse neighborhood of Copenhagen - Vesterbro, where contrasts of new expensive sushi bars, prostitution, drug addicts, a new shopping mall, run down houses and initiatives by engaged citizens, are situated side by side on an area very small in size.

(created as UDflugt network)

THE INVISIBLE REALITY SHOW RIO / Panoramafestival /Rio de Janeiro /Brazil

(created as UDflugt network)


We shared working methods for creating site specific performative travels. Theater and film directors, musicians, architects, multi media artists and performers from Amman gathered. We engaged in a research and explored possibilities for connecting segregated areas of the city.

THE INVISIBLE REALITY SHOW #3.1 / Junge Hunde /Copenhagen /Denmark

(created as UDflugt network)

THE INVISIBLE REALITY SHOW #3 / Junge Hunde Festival /Aarhus /Denmark

(created as UDflugt network)

The audience was moving on a 1,5 hours path in and around a shopping mall. We created different frames for meeting oneself in this specific surrounding, between mannequin puppets, people and shoes, making space to let each persons own response to such environment become vital, real and the centre of the work.

THE INVISIBLE REALITY SHOW #2 / SEE!NEXT festival /Tromsø /Norway

-altitude... above sea level.
This performative travel was done in the spectacular nature of northern Norway, on a mountain overlooking the island and town of Tromsoe

(created as UDflugt network)

THE INVISIBLE REALITY SHOW #1 / OEROL Festival /Terschelling /Netherlands

The show was set on the beautiful Dutch Island of Terschelling.
We were invited to work in a 4 week residency at the OEROL annual festival for site specific theatre. We made this first performative travel, stretching across an open sand-dune landscape, through a small forest, a bicycle ride through the nearby small town, to end on the broad proud beach of the island.

(created as UDflugt network)

I AM LISTENING / City of words / Copenhagen /Denmark

A project for neighborhood development and art in non-art spaces with local participation, in cooperation with City of Words- Vesterbro

An event to focus on the universal force of listening and the power of silenceTo make the invisible act of listening visible in public space. An event to make people connect and experience a reconstruction of basic social encounter.

(created as UDflugt network)

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Anchor All works listed



 In Copenhagen, DK / Workshop “The sensing body as the activist” / KIT/ Performing Landscapes Laboratory    

In Copenhagen, DK / “INTO THE VOID” / uKirke, Vesterbro, København

In Småland, SE / “INTO THE VOID” / Mundekulla Retreat Center / Imbodymentfestival


In Kristiansand, NO/ “IN THE TREES” / Ravnedans Festival

In Cape Town,  South Africa, “THE OVERNIGHT MANUAL- 1st edition” / ICA life art festival. With offsprings in Palestine, India, Bolivia and DK

In Edinbourg, Scotland / “TUESDAY NIGHT SLEEPING CLUB”  / Edinbourg Fringe Festival


In Copenhagen, DK / “Tuesday Night Sleeping Club” / KIT Metropilis/CPH Stage

On Møn, DK / “A night in the trees” / Liselund laboratorium / KIT Metropilis


In Växjö, Sweden / “Laboratories on somatic approaches to design and activism” Linneaus University Sweden


In Copenhagen, DK / IN IT TOGETHER -The complex equation of empathy / Close Encounters, Den Frie, Dansehallerne


In Copenhagen, DK / "The Night -visionong a post-capitalist society while we sleep" / Metropolis and CPH:STAGE

In Pamplona, Spain / "The Night -visionong a post-capitalist society while we sleep" / DNA Festival 


In Skjød, DK / "Dans din nabo" (“Dance your neighbor/ Co produced by Bora Bora and Dansehallerne / Aarhus 2017


In copenhagen / “Life in the Universe -a gathering for animals, people and minerals” / CPH:STAGE festival

In copenhagen / "Sanseudflugter" Rødkilde Skole


In Olot, Catalunya, Spain /  “Life in the Universe -a gathering for animals, people and minerals” / Sismograph Festival

In copenhagen / “Life in the Universe -a gathering for animals, people and minerals” / Det Frie Felts Festival, cph Stage 


In Ljubljana, Slovenia / “Re-street” / Bunker, Mladi Levi Festival

In Moss, Norway / “ The Local Ministry of Happiness” / Barnasfreds Verden. International Seminar

In Copenhagen, Humlebæk / “Life in the Universe” / hello!earth production.
In Eigilsstadir, Iceland / “1000 souls soup” (work in progress) / KEDJA, dance in wilderness.


In Torres Vedras, Portugal / “Re-everything” / Transforma artspace.
In Lisbon, Portugal / “The local ministry of happiness”/ Architectural Triennale, Close closer/ exhibition “Embassy of nomans land”
In Kangasniemi, Finland / Research for "Life in the Universe" / KEDJA, dance in wilderness.


In Zurich, Switzerland / "Instant adventures in daily life" / reART:theURBAN, Teaterhaus Gessneralle.
In Copenhagen, Denmark / "Sanseudflugter" / Samværk Festival, Copenhagen kids
In Bangaore, India / "We are here" / German Indo Year Goethe Institute / JAAGA artspace
In Copenhagen, Denmark / IETM


In Barcelona, Spain / "Dance! you cant stop the revolution" / Mercat de les Flors
In Budapest, Hungary / "Tomorrow everything will be different..." / PLACCC festival 
In Copenhagen, Denmark / "1&1=1" / DCCD -My World Images
In Torino, Italy / "Tomorrow everything will be different..." / Festival Teatro a Corte


In Copenhagen, Denmark / "Tomorrow everything will be different..." / KIT Metropolis Biennale
In Jerusalems old city / "Hello Jerusalem" / Palestinian National Theater


In Recife, Brazil / "Walking poem Recife" / Festival Internacional de Dansa
In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / "Walking poem Rio" / Panoramafestival
In Sao Paulo, Brazil / "Walking poem Sao Paulo" / SESC Mostra Des Artes
Research in Copenhagen / Further development of work focusing on social sensitive spaces and virtual and physical presence


in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / "The Invisible Reality Show" / Panoramafestival
In Copenhagen, Denmark / "The Invisible Reality Show" / KIT Metropolis Biennale
In Amman, Jordan / workshop


In Copenhagen, Denmark / "The Invisible Reality Show #4" / Festival Junge Hunde (produced as UDflugt network)


In Aarhus, Denmark / "The Invisible Reality Show #3" / Festival Junge Hunde (produced as UDflugt network)
In Tromsø, Norway / "The Invisible Reality Show #2" / SE!NEXT Festival (produced as UDflugt network) 

On Terschelling / The Netherlands / "The Invisible Reality Show #1" / OEROL Festival for site specific theater (created as UDflugt network)


In Copenhagen, Denmark / "I am listening" / City of words /Copenhagen /Denmark (created as UDflugt network)

Anchor Co creating artists 2005-2015


in projects / at place: 
In alphabetical order: Ana Paula Albe, Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo & Recife & Copenhagen/ Archana Prasad, Copenhagen & Bangalore/ Apatches (Raquel Labrador and Noemi Laviana), Barcelona/  Alejandro Altamirando, Barcelona/ Alessandra Camozzi, Torino/ Annaluce Marchione, Torino/ Abd Al Salam Abdo, Jersualem/ Ahed Izhiman, Jerusalem/ Atta Nasser, Jerusalem/ Arthur Canavarro, Recife/ Ana Poubel, Rio de Janeiro/ Ayana Avazedo, Rio de Janeiro/ Andre Bern, Rio de Janeiro & Copenhagen/ Aviaja Troelsen Copenhagen/ Boaz Barkan, Copenhagen/ Bisan Abu Eisheh,Jerusalem/ Boross Martin, Budapest/ Bettina Birkjær, Copenhagen/ Cristian Cerruto Dalmastro,Torino/ Cristiano Omede, Torino/ Candice Didonet, Sao Paulo & Rio de Janeiro & Copenhagen/ Carlos Freitas,Sao Paulo/ Catarina Miranda, Rio de Janeiro/ Cindy Rudel Copenhagen & Aarhus & Oerol/ Dan Belasco, Copenhagen/ Elena  Savio, Torino/ Erdős Zoltán, Budapest/ Fran Blanes, Barcelona/ Eli Maria, Recife/ Edigar Palmeira Recife & Rio de Janeiro/ Edjalma Freitas, Recife/ Eduardo Valle, Rio de Janeiro/ Fernanda Gomes, Rio de Janeiro/ Fernanda Ribeiro, Rio de Janeiro/ Flávia Rosa, Recife/ Fernando Lopez Barrajon Castillo, Copenhagen/ Giordano Castro, Recife/ Gabriela Ramos, Rio de Janeiro/ Husam Abu Eisheh, Jerusalem/ Hanne Pedersen Copenhagen & Aarhus & Oerol & Tromsø/ Inge Agnete Tarpgaard, Copenhagen/ Joana Serra, Barcelona/ Jacob Langaa Sennek, all places/ Josep Ferragut, Barcelona/ Justin Hyatt, Budapest/ Juliana Japiassú, Recife/ James Ohara, Recife/ Jefferson Ribeiro da Silva, Sao Paulo/ João Victor Cavalcante, Rio de Janeiro & Recife & Sao Paulo/ Jakob Brandt Pedersen, Copenhagen & Aarhus/ Jonas Smedegaard, Copenhagen & Torino & Budapest/ Jens Backvaell, Copenhagen/  Kristofer Krarup, Copenhagen & Rio de Janeiro & Jerusalem/ Kata Farkas, Budapest/ Karla Testa, Rio de Janeiro/ Luciano Dias de Melo, Recife/ Laura Marc, Sao Paulo/ Lilian Gil, Rio de Janeiro/ Mar Medina Diaz, Barcelona & Copenhagen/ Marco Sabbatino, Torino/ Miklos Tomor, Budapest/ Majed Al Mani, Jerusalem/ Miriam Andrade, Sao Paulo/ Marcos, Rio de Janeiro/ Marie Frederiksen, Rio de Janeiro/ Merete Byrial, Copenhagen/ Marianne Langenegger, Oerol/ Mette Aakjær, Copenhagen & Aarhus & Oerol & Tromsø/ Mirei Serra, Copenhagen/ Nadia Tadrus, Jerusalem/ Nadya Moretto, Sao Paulo/ Niels Warmling, Copenhagen/ Nadine Milzner,Oerol/ Nanna Susanna Hviid, Copenhagen/ Ona Fuste, Barcelona/ Orlando Nascimento, Recife/ Osvaldo Piva, Sao Paulo/ Panais Bouki, Sao Paulo & Rio de Janerio/ Patricia Barbieri, Barcelona/ Peter Takacs, Budapest/ Pál Kormedy, Budapest/ Priscila Figueiroa, Recife/ Pedro Buarque, Recife/ Phillip Christiansen, Copenhagen/ Pernille Gade, Copenhagen/ Reka Polonyi, Budapest/ Réka Fekete, Budapest/ Ruba Bardawill,Jerusalem/ Rajae Sandoka, Jerusalem/ Ronaldo Ruiz, Copenhagen/ Santos Martinez, Barcelona/ Sylvia Caltagirone, Torino/ Szabolcs Gaspar, Budapest/ Samer Abu Esheh, Jerusalem/ Simone Araujo Martins, Sao Paulo/ Stela Guz, Rio de Janeiro/ Sung Pyo Hong, Rio de Janeiro/ Stine Jørgensen, Copenhagen/ Saskia Habermann Copenhagen & Oerol/ Sarah Kane, Oerol/ Tuixen Benet, Barcelona/ Thiago Costa, Rio de Janeiro/ Tatiana Assumpcao, Rio de Janeiro/ Thomas Wiesner, Copenhagen/ Tea Roenne, Aarhus/ Velia Esposito, Torino/ Valdemar Santos, Rio de Janeiro/ Zsofi Szolga, Budapest/ Zita  Schnabel, Budapest/ Zeenath Hassan, Copenhagen & Bangalore.

OLOT 2016






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