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13. Festival Internacional de Dansa Recife /Recife /Brazil

Performances : October 6 to 9, 2008.


A walk 1:1 in the center of Recife on the myth of a placeWalking poem Recife are created in a 4 weeks residency at the 13. Festival internacional de dansa Recife.

The performance was done in the old town of Recife. It’s the symbol of the town; everyone has an image of it. Daily life thereis busy during the day. In the evening the place is inhabited by people with very few economic ressources. In forgotten colonial buildings and abandoned houses. There has been attempts to revive the area with a shopping mall, cultural institutions, some banks have their buildings situated there. People call it “the abandoned heart of Recife”. Everyone identifies with it as Recife. Both people from upper and middle class’s pass through it in air-conditioned cars with the doors locked, and windows darkened.The audience of this dance festival would rarely go to this area to stroll around or hang out. The performance created an entrance into the neighbourhood, and gently touched upon some of the barriers of class and economical difference, which is very present in Brazil.  awareness the myth which we create of a place, which might be very different if touched in the very moment with an open state of mind.



Direction: Vera Maeder and Jacob Langaa Sennek

Directing Assistance: Joao Victor Cavalcante and Ana Paula Albe

Co-creating Artists: Flavia Pinheiro, Arturo Calvarro, Edigar Tomaz, Priscilla Gomaz, Orlando Nascimiento, Pedro Bucerque amongst other.

Video by Ana Paula Albe

With support from Festival Internacional de Dansa Recife, Panoramafestival, SESC Sao Paulo and the Danish Arts Council for Performing Arts.


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