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My World IMAGES /Copenhagen /Denmark

performed  03-08 September on Vesterbro/ CPHDuration: Ca. 120 min.


A work  for groups of 6 participants, developed  with a team of artists from Brazil, India, the Philippines and Denmark“Walking together. Eating together. Resting together. Working together.

This three week process of cross-pollination and collaboration of people and cultures raises nuanced questions about the individual and the collective. Of cultural contexts in a globalised earth, and the interplay of the imagined and the physical. It points at the fine balance between the cityscape and our bodies. Of arriving at doing without knowing, sometimes alone, sometimes together.”


Artists: Ana Paula Albe (Brazil), Archana Prasad (India), Ronaldo Ruiz (Philippines), Vera Maeder (DK) and  Jacob Langaa-Sennek (DK)

Project Assistance: Pernille Kabell, Signe Allerup and Johanne Kure Kortegaard

Administration: Projektcentret Dansens Hus, Hanne Svejstrup

Overall concept: Vera Maeder and Jacob Langaa-Sennek

Presented and produced for MYworld Images Festival, Copenhagen 2010



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