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in it together

the complex equation of empathy

IN IT TOGETHER -the complex equation of empathy

*Exercises for revolutionaries #3


*Exercises for revolutionaries is a series of hello!earth works, collectively exploring the sensing body as an activist.

IN IT TOGETHER is an investigation into the complex equation of distance and empathy, and the influence between the two.

Equipped with headphones, in a space with up to 35 people you are guided through a sequences of simple gestures and movements. 

The soundscape invites you to inhabit a number of significant life moments and fragments of personal experiences gathered from a diverse group of people from near and far. These traces come to life in our own bodies and are re-lived as a collective experience. A contemporary ritual dedicated to the experience of a collective body and the expansion of our radius of empathy.


The events at Den Fri is simultaneously broadcasted live via a local radio station, extending the collective experience and giving everyone within a radius of 8 km. the opportunity to listen in -and to join the experience from their own livingroom. (Find the FM frequency here/on the website)


IN IT TOGETHER is based on an extensive research into meaning and moments of life. The moments were gathered with very diverse groups of people and translated into movement scores. The research was part of the community project “Dance your neighbour”, a co-production between Dansehallerne, Bora Bora and hello!earth and was presented in the village of Skjød as part of Cultural Capital Århus 2017.


Co -creating artists: Daniel Norback, Merete Byrial, Vera Maeder, Jacob Langaa Sennek

Movement research: Anu Rajala Erkut, Vera Maeder, Merete Byrial & many people 

Sound design: Pelle Skovmand

Concept, choreography, visual design: Vera Maeder and Jacob Langaa-Sennek

Supported by: Danish Arts Council, Nordea Fonden, Århus 2017, Københavns Kommune, Ta’ fat om dansen.

Co. produced by Dansehallerne, Bora Bora and hello!earth

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